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Summary to INCORPORATE a company in South Korea

When you start a business in Korea as a COMPANY, there are the document procedure you should go through. 

Branch office set up in Korea.

A foreign company can establish a branch office in Korea.
And a branch office can operate its business to make earnings in Korea.

Liaison office set up in Korea.

A foreign company can establish a liaison office in Korea, and a liaison office can perform only non-business activities such as the business contact to overseas headquarter, market survey, research and development, quality control, advertisement, propagation, information collection, etc.

Ways to set up a business in Korea and Free setting-up-service.

There are several ways for starting business in Korea as below.
Every business entity who want to open business in Korea can choose one of these types which is fit to their own situation or purpose.
We provided the "Free Business-set-up-service". See detail

The brief list of our international clients.

We summarized our international clients we are supplying our service to as below.

Thank you letters from our foreign clients.

We have lots of foreign clients and we are doing our best for their job.
Their satisfaction on our support is very high, and they sometimes send us the thank you letters, as belows.